A Perfect Saturday at Coffee Shops on Bainbridge

Coffee shops on Bainbridge Island, WashingtonIt probably comes as no surprise that Bainbridge Island is home to a wide array of cafes and coffee shops, each perfect in their own way for a cup of Saturday morning coffee or tea.  Bainbridge Island, is after all, a mere ferry boat ride away from downtown Seattle, known the world over as the coffee capital and home of Starbucks.  Yes, it’s true that you can pretty much find a Starbucks everywhere you go in Seattle.  But, Seattle’s coffee scene is so much more than one coffee chain.  It’s home to a thriving community of local coffee shops.  Bainbridge is no different.  One of our Island’s favorite Saturday morning traditions is to visit our local favorites.  Perhaps when you stay with us at the Eagle Harbor Inn Petit Hotel, you’ll visit a coffee shop or two as well?  Book your room at our Inn today, and come explore Bainbridge With us.

A Closer Look at Bainbridge Coffee shops

The perfect cup of coffee often means something different to each of us, which is why having a large variety of coffee shops on our island is a great thing!  We can each get that perfect dose of comfort and caffeine the way we like it in the morning.  We’ve compiled a list of Bainbridge’s most popular local coffee shops for you to explore the next time you’re here.  We look forward to hearing which of them is your favorite!

  • Blackbird Bakery is situated right in the heart of Winslow Way, just off Madrone Lane.  It’s a wonderful place to sip a cup of coffee or tea while enjoying a neighborly conversation.  It’s always buzzing with a vibrant energy on weekend mornings.  Their pastries and granola are delicious, but their toast is the stuff of legend.
  • Pegasus Coffee House has been a staple on Bainbridge Island since 1980, its place in history visible through its beautiful ivy-covered brick facade.  It’s known for its friendly, casual and funky, bohemian vibe. Best yet, our morning coffee service is provided by Pegasus. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!
  • Local coffee shops on Bainbridge Island, WashingtonCups is also nearby the Inn, and is one of the newest coffee shops to come to Winslow. Their coffee and food offerings are delicious, and their vibe is quiet and comfortable.  It’s a great place to host small meetings and get togethers.
  • Rolling Bay Cafe is as quirky and delightful as it gets on Bainbridge Island.  Rolling Bay Cafe is located just north of Winslow, connected to the popular Bay Hay & Feed Store & Nursery.  It’s a true neighborhood destination, and a great place to pop in if you’re on a bike ride around the island.
  • Much like the Rolling Bay Cafe, the New Rose Cafe at Bainbridge Gardens is a surprising delight.  It’s in an unexpected location, but is perfectly delightful.  Pop in after you’ve wandered the incredible grounds at Bainbridge Gardens, or, again, if you’re making your way around the island on a bike.
  • The Marketplace at Pleasant Beach is more modern than many of the coffee shops on the island, and serves residents on the south end of the island in the popular Lynwood Center. It’s proven to be a wonderful neighborhood gathering spot, with a wide variety of deliciously local eats and hand-crafted drinks.
  • The Storyville Roasting Studio is located in Bainbridge’s Coppertop Park, near Bainbridge Brewing and Bainbridge Organic Distillers.  The roasting studio is a beautiful and creative space, with a full-service tasting room upstairs.

For the record, yes, Bainbridge Island does have a Starbucks. Two, actually, for when you really need that Frappuccino fix.  However, we think you’ll enjoy the local character of flavor of each coffee shop listed above even more. The best part about visiting Bainbridge Island is enjoying the unique community we have created here, and we hope you take the time to do so the next time you stay at our petit hotel.  We’re conveniently located just off Winslow Way, in the historic heart of Bainbridge, and within walking distance to many of these coffee shops. Book a room with us today, and come get to know Bainbridge with us.


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