Head to Seabird on Bainbridge & More Seafood Restaurants

Bainbridge Island has always been a fantastic dining destination, and it only got better with the addition of  Seabird, the newest spot from Chef Brendan McGill. Located in the former and original Hitchcock space on the lively corner of Winslow Way, you’ll find a range of beautiful fresh seafood dishes, including oysters on the half-shell at Seabird, as well as wood-fired vegetables and an elegant cocktail and wine selection. 

The bounty of the Northwest is ever-present on the menus at the restaurants on Bainbridge Island. The surrounding saltwater and fresh waterways, fertile farmlands, and creative chefs and farmers who call this area home combine to form the perfect combination for memorable meals. Seabird is just one of these examples, with a lovely collection of other local eateries serving delicious options. Many people from Seattle take the ferry over for a quick dinner outside the city! 

One of the best ways to fully enjoy the dining options on Bainbridge Island is by making it a complete weekend getaway or multi-weekday stay. As one of the only boutique hotels on Bainbridge Island, you’ll love choosing the Eagle Harbor Inn. Our cozy petit hotel is located right in the heart of downtown Winslow, putting you within walking distance of not only the best restaurants but also the ferry and many of the best things to do on Bainbridge Island. Before you start making your dinner reservations, get your lodging on the books today! 

Seabird Bainbridge and other seafood restaurants

Dine out at Seabird on Bainbridge & More Restaurants

Dining out on Bainbridge Island will be a highlight of your vacation! Seabird on Bainbridge is one you shouldn’t miss, but there are plenty of other options for enjoying fresh farm produce, local seafood and proteins, and Washington wines. As a guest at our boutique hotel on Bainbridge, you’ll be within walking distance to the majority of the best restaurants on the island, with a few notable options just a short drive away. 

Here are the best restaurants on Bainbridge Island for dining during your visit:

  1. Seabird Bainbridge: This is the go-to spot on Bainbridge for fresh oysters, innovative fish dishes, and interesting ingredients you won’t find just anywhere. Don’t miss the seaweed focaccia made in-house! 
  2. Agate Restaurant: A long-time local favorite for celebrations, Agate is the most romantic restaurant on the island for date night. You’ll always find a seafood option, be that salmon, scallops, or black cod. 
  3. Ba Sa: This upscale Vietnamese restaurant has been a staple at the corner of Wilsow Way and Madison for the past five years. The brother-and-sister team behind the successful venture just recently opened a restaurant on the other side of the water in Seattle. 
  4. Subi Japanese Restaurant: For the best sushi in Bainbridge, locals and visitors head to this cozy restaurant tucked in the Pavillion, which also houses the movie theater and multiple other restaurant options. 
  5. Restaurant Marché: For classic French fare, this is the best spot on Bainbridge for steamed mussels, French onion soup, and a rotating seafood option. 
  6. Amelia Wynn Winery & Bistro: Known for its award-winning wines and unique international cuisine, this restaurant serves an array of local seafood and farm-to-table share plates. The patio is covered and the perfect place to watch all the visitors walking off the ferry. 

Bainbridge Island restaurants worth the quick drive: 

  1. Via Rosa 11: This Italian market and eatery is about 10 minutes from downtown Winslow, known for its handmade pasta and wood-fired thin-crust pizza. 
  2. Heyday Farm: Possibly the most off-the-beaten-path restaurant on the island, this yellow farmhouse is one of the best places for a memorable dinner during your stay. Head on the picturesque backroads and be sure to make a reservation. 
  3. Treehouse Cafe: For family-friendly dining or a pub-like atmosphere, head to Lynwood Center for pizza, pool, and great drinks. 
Seabird Bainbridge Island and more great restaurants for seafood and dinner out

The Best Hotel on Bainbridge Island

The Eagle Harbor Inn is Bainbridge Island’s only boutique hotel within walking distance of the ferry. Just a scenic 35-minute boat ride from Seattle, our petit hotel offers beautifully designed accommodations that blend luxury with the cozy feel of a contemporary island cottage. Perfect for those seeking a romantic getaway or a quiet retreat, the inn’s private courtyard and thoughtfully appointed rooms provide an inviting atmosphere that embodies the essence of the Pacific Northwest.

Situated in the heart of the downtown core, our hotel on Bainbridge Island is the ideal launchpad for exploring the island’s vibrant culinary scene. Walk to renowned restaurants, charming cafes, and the lively farmers market on Saturday mornings, where you can savor the freshest local produce and seafood. The inn’s prime location also means you’re just steps away from the marina, waterfront park, and a variety of shops and cultural attractions.

For those who love the bounty of the Northwest, The Eagle Harbor Inn offers a perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and style. Whether dining out or enjoying local farm-to-table delights, you’ll find endless opportunities to indulge in the island’s natural beauty and rich flavors. Our unmatched hospitality and exquisite surroundings make The Eagle Harbor Inn the best-rated hotel on Bainbridge Island. Book your stay today!

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