In a recent article in the Huffington Post, popular travel writer Richard Bangs listed his picks for Best Hotel in the World, Fall 2017.  Though the list certainly reflects this particular travel writer’s personal opinion and experiences, it is nonetheless extraordinary that our small boutique hotel on this quaint little island should be considered.  It is even more extraordinary when you realize the broad spectrum of destinations included on this list, ranging from Iran to Chile to Bainbridge.  In fact, it is a tremendous honor, and one we think reflects the amount of effort that occurs behind the scenes to make your stay with us nothing but the best.  According to Mr. Bangs, the properties included on his list are reflective of the properties he “found special and extreme in coziness, personality, original touches, service, and that ineffable quality of heart.” I don’t think we could have encapsulated what it is to stay our Inn better ourselves.  The article does a wonderful job describing the architecture and amenities offered at the Eagle Harbor Inn, but sums it up best with this:  “This is really more like a home than a hotel, one with seals and blue herons out the window.”

Come see what Richard is talking about for yourself; Book a room at The Eagle Harbor Inn Petit Hotel today.

Getaway to Bainbridge Island

Frantic and hurried aren’t words typically used to describe life on Bainbridge Island. Rather, Bainbridge is a destination epitomized by relaxation and luxury; a small bedroom community far enough away from the urban core of Seattle to feel like you’ve truly gotten away from it all. Spend your days soaking up the small town charm, as you browse boutique shops, art Worlds Best Luxury Hotel, Huffington Post Reviewgalleries, and museums. Or, spend a rejuvenating day at the beach or hiking through our forested trails, reveling in the privacy and tranquility of this stunning island.

Valentine’s Day is on the hearts and minds of many at this time of year, which makes February the perfect time to plan a romantic getaway to our luxurious hotel. Here, you’ll find that each of our well-appointed guest rooms, in combination with other hotel amenities, offer you everything you could want or need during your time on Bainbridge Island. If and when you do feel like leaving your room and venturing into town, there’s plenty to do. Our location is such that you’re a short walk away from downtown Winslow, with its fine shops, restaurants, museums, wine tasting rooms, coffee houses, theaters, and more.

Whatever it is you’re looking for, there is only one place on Bainbridge that has been ranked as one of the top hotels in the world, and that is The Eagle Harbor Inn Petit Hotel. Book your room today.


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